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Log Line

Teetering on the verge of bankruptcy a craft brewery’s fortune is changed after a tweet from the world's foremost beer aficionado “accidentally” names their beer the best in the world. Business booms and the team struggles to perpetuate the lie just long enough to get the attention of the judges at the regional beer competition, where they plan on beating out their evil competitor and finally proving that they DO have the best beer.


Lovable schmuck Kevin is truly living the dream after launching a craft brewery with his wacky brother Ludwig. The only problem? They are running the brewery into the ground.

With a lack of customers and no knowledge of how to market themselves, Kevin finds his establishment empty most of the time. Their general manager (and cousin) Kelsey, tells Kevin that things aren't looking good for the brewery and unless business picks up they will have to close the doors. The only light at the end of the tunnel is the up coming Barley Festival. Kevin feels that if they can win a ribbon in the festival, maybe that will be enough to get the people coming and buying their beer.

Ludwig tells Kevin that he has “done the math” to create a perfect Craft beer that is sure to win the judges over at the Barley Festival, but they need to spend money on equipment they can’t afford in order to make this game changing beer. Kevin, between a rock and a hard place, he says screw it “if they are going out, then go out big. He orders the gear knowing that it might spell the end of them.

However the Brewery’s luck changes drastically when it “accidentally” gets named in a tweet from the world's most famous beer expert Pete Gunderson. Business explodes and in a reversal of fortune Kevin and crew find themselves struggling to keep up with demand for their beer, just hoping that they can produce enough for the upcoming Barley Fest. Kevin struggles to figure out how he can keep up with the growth and even goes as far as to try and get some friendly advice from their biggest competitor Razor Brewing. The meeting ends poorly with Razor vowing to destroy Kevin’s little company by exposing the tweet as the error it was. Kevin and company must now try and perpetuate “the little white lie” long enough to make it to the Barley Fest and get the judges to finally take their brews seriously, but only IF they are able to keep up with the increasing demand.

Will they make it in time? Will Ludwigs “Game Changer” really win? Will they dethrone Razor Brewing? Will Gunderson finally correct the error in his tweet? Was his tweet really “in error”? Lets hope we get to find out.